Tuesday, March 28, 2017

What brand?

I never realized my mind could be blown so frequently.

Has anyone ever had to decide on a new logo and business card design? I had no idea that getting serious about my branding would be so hard. For so many years I have just tossed together what I could manage in paint or whatever program I had on the computer at the time. Once, I won a logo design from a Facebook giveaway. This was YEARS ago when I was building my Facebook page. It was surely better than what I'd had before, but pretty primitive so to speak. Then I decided to make labels for the first time and had to have a logo that was something I was proud of. So I whipped one up. NOT the best looking, but I felt like it was pretty decent.

Later on, I changed my shop name to The Purple Stitch. This is a nod to the color that represents the Alzheimer's fight, mixed with what my shop is about....stitching stuff.

And another modification later on:

I've been listening to Christy Wright's Business Boutique podcasts lately. I've preordered the book. I drank the juice. Now implementing those incredible tidbits of advice bit by bit is a little harder than I expected.  I made myself a list of all the things in life I needed to get done.  Then rewrote that list as things were done and crossed off...and of course, more stuff added to it.  I swear that every podcast I listen to, I pick up something else that I need to look into or think about.  If you're a small business boutique, you should seriously look at her website and listen to the podcasts.  Since that's not really what this post is about, lets get back to it.

Now it's time to get really intentional about the logo.  Something classy, but eye catching.  Simple, yet stunning.  I ordered new labels a few weeks ago from MommieMadeIt on Etsy and fell in love with one of her premade designs.

That really got my gears moving on how I could really make an impression with consistent logos in all the places I have my brand.  Looking back on the evolution of the logos kinda makes me feel like I'm looking at my kids growing up.  Cheesy, I know. 

If you have any suggestions for others on branding, or have a great resource, feel free to share that in the comments!

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