Tuesday, May 9, 2017

My very first makeup tutorial!

I'm no make up connoisseur by any stretch of the imagination.  In fact, my make up regimen was made up of mascara and eyeliner most days for practically my whole adult life.

Until almost a year ago.

I have a coworker who LOVES makeup and always has always had BEAUTIFUL eyeshadow.  I oooh'd and ahhh'd practically daily.  Out of the blue one day, she said that I NEEDED to go buy the new Alice Through the Looking Glass pallet that Urban Decay had just released. Me, that chick she's worked with every single day for 6 years and had only seen with eyeshadow for special occasions.  Me, the chick that SHE had to put the eyeshadow on for.  I seriously had no clue how to make it a pretty and kinda artsy expression.

My 6 year anniversary was coming up, so we knew that there'd be a $50 bonus coming.  I set aside a little more. I looked it up, $50 wasn't going to cover it!  **GULP**  The most I had ever paid for eyeshadow was around $4 for Covergirl....this was HUGE.

Ulta brand nude matte eye primer -Check

Alice Through the Looking Glass pallet -Check

Checkout -gulp-Check

Here's what I bought...well, Googled images of what I bought:

A majority of the tuts I found on Pinterest for this pallet were so bright and really not my style.  I was already stepping out on a ledge with this, I didn't want to actually go to work looking the The Hatter!  I have 3 go-to color combos that I can use no matter what I am wearing.  Every great once in a while, I'll toss in another color just to spice it up.  But really, I stick to 3.

It was strange getting the hang of applying the primer.  As easy as it seemed (and really is), it took me a couple of attempts to not get too much on the lid that it practically looked like paint.  I use an amount equal to about half a grain of rice.  I dab it around and then blend it in.

I already had a few basic brushes from E.L.F. from past attempts at adulting.  It was nice to finally get some use from them!  I start out with the TIME eyeshadow in the top right corner.  I used the E.L.F. concealer brush to create an eyeliner look on the bottom lid.

You're about to see what is probably the opposite of most make up tutorials in the next couple of steps.  It seemed that the majority of the tuts instructed to started at the inner lid and work out with the colors.  Maybe this is the norm, or maybe that was just the few that I looked up.  Again, NOT an expert.  Not even close.  I finally discovered that I get an easier blended look going the other direction. So, here I go.  I apply TIME again to the outer corner and angle it upwards to make a good sized triangle.

Next is BANDERSNATCH for about another 1/3 of the lid.  I tend to go pretty high up on the lid, my eyes open pretty wide and makes the shadow not visible.  Plus, behind glasses it is harder to see as well.

And then for the pop of color, I really love HEADS WILL ROLL.  This is the main color that Shannon decided I needed.  I think the rest of the pallet was just a bonus!

That's it for the eyeshadow.  Next is my mascara.  I've tried the cheap stuff.  I've tried the $25 per tube brands.  I finally landed on a drugstore brand that I buy with my groceries....gasp.  I load up on primer.  And then load up again.

It's funny and embarrassing when I forget that I've only made it through the primer part of the process and I run for donuts.  Or go in and pay for gas.  Confession: I usually do my makeup in the car. I do most of it by feel and then just check for bad spots at the red lights or when I get caught at a train. I've had a few odd side glances here and there.  OOPS!

After this dries pretty well. I cover it all up with the actual mascara.  I usually do 2 to 3 applications.  My lashes are fairly hopeless in the "robustness" category, so I don't think more than that would even accomplish anything.  Sometimes there's a touchup to do.  Like here I had to gently wipe off the brush marks.  Again, I do the car application method and it doesn't always work out in my favor. 

My final note of wisdom that I recently stumbled upon:  PRIMER.  Don't even try to do anything without primer!!!  I forgot it one day, only one, and I learned my lesson really fast!  The shadow applies and stays like magic.  Here I am 9 hours later on my way home from work.  Somewhat smudgey in a few spots, but overall still looking pretty close to original 8 am application!

I mentioned earlier that I usually use one of 3 main combinations.  Here they are:
#1 Heads will roll, Bandersnatch, Time
#2 Metamorphosis (or Hatter), Gone Mad, Time
#3 Hatter, Bandersnatch, Time

Today was Hatter, Gone Mad, and Time.  This is 13 hours after application, so excuse the lack of bold colors.  Especially on a dreary day in Texas that my allergies are killing me!

I know this pallet was a limited edition.  According to one blog I read, UD released 20 all new shades for it rather than renaming a collection of existing shades.  I picked out my fave colors and matched them fairly closely to the current line up shown on the Urban Decay website. The current collections are constantly changing with the seasons, but here's the eyeshadow link as of today. 

TIME - Smokeout
BANDERSNATCH - Evidence (not quite as dark)
HATTER - Deep End isn't even close, but is the only bright green
METAMORPHOSIS - Dive Bar looks darker, but Chaos looks brighter.

I definitely feel that the amount of pigment in the higher end shadows helps make the added expense a little easier to bear.  I added one color to my collection, its a white sparkle that I think is called Vinyl Bride.  I don't use it often, so that $19 will last quite a while.  I've been working the same colors of this pallet for over 11 months, you can hardly tell it.  See for yourself!  This was taken about a week ago:

Hopefully this will help a few "newbies" such as myself get a grasp on a simple approach to "fancy" makeup!  Please leave a comment if you have a question or just to say hi!