Sunday, March 5, 2017

It's gettin' real

I've been making replacement covers for a certain type of booster seat for many years. Probably since about 2012 I'd say. I've sold lots on Etsy and a few at craft fairs. At first I was the only shop that made custom fitted. Now, I see several so it has slowed down a good bit. That's ok, God has His hand on everything even when we don't see it. A sale seemed to come when we needed just a teensie bit more cash to make it to payday.

This summer I put my shop on vacation as we were packing, moving, and settling in to our new home. I hadn't put much effort into trying to boost sales again. A late night decision to start a new online craft sale Facebook group ended up in a conversation with a scrapbook friend about the opportunity to really do more. She informed me that she had a friend that owned a local kids resale shop and had recently told her about the covers I make. I called and set up a time to meet her to see if it was a fit and what she needed. The store owner LOVED them and she placed a starter order of 10 seat sets!!

I can't wait to see what God has in store for my little business and to see how it grows and continues to transform! As of now, not only do I already have a booth space at a local antiques and more shop, I have my creations in 2 local retail stores. I'm also looking into 2 more opportunities. Oh my gosh, I would've NEVER imagined so much possibility a few years ago!


First 4 of the 10
If you are looking for a group to find the perfect something or showcase your handmade crafts/gifts/etc, please check out the group here, as it will someday be THE best place to find what you're looking for!

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