Friday, December 30, 2016

My first "real" post, y'all!! Rolled hem presser foot not-quite-tutorial

I'm venturing out of my comfort zone of usual crafts that I've been selling for years.  Some of the add-ons will look much nicer with a finished edge better than what I can accomplish with the old fashioned fold/iron/fold/stitch method I've always used.  I want something that when someone finds out that they are looking at a hand-made item, there's a "wow" factor.  I don't know when I got this "rolled hem" foot.  I don't think it came with the hand-me-down machine.  But I'm sure I've had it at least 5 years and haven't had the gumption to figure out how to use it.  I searched YouTube and found a few tutorials on how to use it.  The first 2 didn't seem to be the type of tutorial I was looking for.  The 3rd video was juuuuust right....okay, that was a cheesey Goldilocks pun...but it seriously was the 3rd one and it seemed to be the same foot and similar material to what I am working with (which will be mostly cottons).

(Maaaaybe this is backwards and I had to trim the OTHER end!!)

I snipped a corner as instructed, stitched a few stitches with the fabric right-side-down, and then used the thread as a tail to pull the fabric through the loop-de-loop-thingy.  Having the thread tail to pull the fabric was genius, kudos to whomever thought up that tip! It was especially helpful since I have pretty large stumpy fingers.  I'm sure long and slender fingers can maneuver this task better.  I've only sewn through my finger once and I'd rather NOT go through that again!

So there's what I've done so far.  I'll continue to practice, practice, practice.  As I master the skill of using the rolled hem presser foot, I'll repost a video to show any amazing tricks that I discover along the way.

Watch the Goldilocks tutorial here

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