Monday, March 13, 2017

What a great group!!

As mentioned in a previous post, one night I was searching for a craft group on Facebook.  That seems like such a "no brainer" thing to find on such a huge platform.  NOPE.  I found group after group that just seemed to feature a main seller, or seemed to have SO. MANY. RULES.

So ya know what??  Brace yourself, you'll never believe it....

I started one.  I know, I I needed something else on my plate. Just one more thing to occupy the very limited extra space in my brain. But this group is gonna be so great!  I was searching for a "go to" place for sellers AND shoppers.  I love buying handmade and supporting a mom-prenuer. But it just didn't seem like what I was looking for was out there.  Or at least it wasn't populating in my attempted searches.  Some were geared for selling only sewing or crochet or bows or supplies.  I was looking for a place for ladies (and men, too, if they were out there on FB) to come together to show their many talents and to find others who were also talented in so many ways.  I personally know a LOT of ladies in all different types of crafting, and I was excited to now have a place to see all of their works and creativity in one awesome group.  If you're a crafter, or just love to buy handmade, take a moment to join our group.  It may be small now, but some day it will be the absolute BEST place to find the next gift for a special someone.  Or the next place to showcase your creativity and put your business out there.  Only time will tell how it will grow, but the possibilities are limitless and I just can't wait to see where this leads us!

Check out the group HERE.  Click join and whoever gets to it first will add ya.  Easy peasy.

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